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"Children are a gift from the Lord" Psalm 127:3


Midwife means "with woman." Midwives have been providing care for women during pregnancy and birth for thousands of years. They are skilled in birth procedures, but what separates them is their personal involvement and caring for their clients.

Carol Denny LM CPM


About Carol

Since beginning her midwife practice in 1997, Carol Denny has worked to educate women, helped them to understand their choices, and to achieve a satisfying birth experience. She has delivered about 800 babies. 

Carol became interested in homebirth because of her own experiences with traditional hospital births. She became a doula in 1989. After having her first homebirth in 1991 with a midwife, she became convinced of the benefits of homebirth for both mother and baby.

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Mary Gibbons LM

About Mary

Mary attended her first birth with her mom when she was 12 years old, and knew from that moment on that she was called to be a midwife. She started working as an apprentice midwife in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 15, and has been active in the midwifery community for 10 years. Her passion for helping mothers learn and achieve what is best for them is what has driven her to become a midwife. She has taught childbirth classes and worked as a doula for the last 3 years. She obtained her Arizona Midwife License in November 2009. She is currently working towards getting certified as a lactation consultant.


Nutrition is the most important factor in determining the outcome of a pregnancy. Proper nutrition helps protect the mother from toxemia because it allows the blood to expand in volume adequately. It provides maximum reserves for labor and delivery. The relationship between maternal and fetal well-being and maternal nutrition has proven to be significant.

Water Birth

One of the best natural pain relievers is water.  Water has many therapeutic effects.   It helps women to relax, which has been shown to help decrease the pain of childbirth. Water is a natural epidural, without any side effects!  It is soothing and comforting during labor.  

Breast Feeding

Breast milk is nutritionally ideal for babies. Breastfeeding is the most natural source of nourishment for babies. Mother's milk will supply all the nutritional needs for her baby for the first 6 months after birth. Breastfeeding has been proven to be far superior to any other type of nourishment for infants. Breast milk changes as the baby grows. As the baby grows and nutritional needs change, the milk also changes to meet those needs. 

What We Do

High Quality, Affordable Care

Personalized Birth Plan

Most Insurance Accepted

Childbirth Education

Complete Prenatal Care

Labor Support

Delivery in Your Own Home

Postpartum Care for Mom & Baby

Breastfeeding Support

Pregnancy Testing

Lab Services

Birth Supplies

Labor Tub Rentals

Waterbirth Option

Well Woman Care Including Pap Smear


What We Don't Do

Anything You have not Consented To

High Risk Births 

Hospital Birth

Pitocin Induction

Routine Episiotomy


Forceps or Vacuum Extraction

Use Stirrups

Give Pain Medications or Epidural

Give Newborn Immunizations


Separate Mom and Baby

Delay Initial Breastfeeding

Cut Umbilical Cord Prematurely 

Unnecessary Interventions


Postpartum Care

Your newborn may be your top priority but your Postpartum Care is important too. Postpartum care focuses on management of the mother for six weeks after childbirth. A new mother experiences profound physical and emotional changes after childbirth.   From vaginal and breast soreness to  depression, here's what to expect as you recover from a vaginal delivery. Read More

Homebirth Supplies

Many of the supplies that you need for homebirth you probably already have.  You need to get all of your supplies together and ready by 36 weeks.  Make sure that your home is ready too by preparing the room and bathroom you plan to use during labor so that it is clean and comfortable for you.  
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Newborn Care

New babies are amazing and wonderful but caring for a newborn can be very challenging.  Newborns bring a vast range of emotion, excitement, and responsibility.  New babies are so small but their parents worries are large.  Parents want the very best for their new baby.   Here's information about Newborn Care, common concerns, and parenting issues.  Read More 

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